Joseph Caraccilo, DC, PC

Chiropractor located in Union Square, New York, NY

About Dr. Caraccilo

Joseph Caraccilo, DC, PC, has over 25 years of experience as a chiropractor, yoga instructor, and respected health expert within the New York City area. He serves a diverse community of patients at Shift Wellness, located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Dr. Caraccilo graduated with a bachelor’s degree from New York University in New York City. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca County, New York. Further professional training includes certifications in both Ashtanga and Ayurvedic yoga.

Often called a miracle worker by the popular press, Dr. Caraccilo understands the importance of taking a whole-person approach in chiropractic care. Instead of simply treating the symptoms that his patients are experiencing, he looks for the underlying cause of their discomfort in an effort to provide high-quality and long-term care. 

Dr. Caraccilo offers proven alternatives for patients who feel as though they have hit dead ends on their journey towards improved health. He has experience working with patients who have a variety of needs, including back pain, biomechanical complications that are related to pregnancy, and those who seek immune-enhancing vitamin therapies. 

Dr. Caraccilo believes in an integrative approach to wellness and works closely with physical therapists and other health care professionals to develop personalized treatment plans for all of his patients. He enjoys incorporating his knowledge of yoga into his treatments and often prescribes flexibility and strengthening techniques as part of his patients’ individualized plans.

When not practicing at Shift Wellness, Dr. Caraccilo is the owner and creative developer of SPAce for Wellness, which is centrally located in Manhattan’s Union Square. The cutting edge chiropractic facility and med-spa combines both Eastern disciplines and Western medical approaches to improve the lives of all of its patients.