What’s the Big Deal about Personal Training?

You already know that exercise is important and that you need to be doing a combination of strength-building exercises, cardio to get your heart rate up, and movements to improve your flexibility. You may even have some specific fitness goals in mind. But are you reaching them? 

The team at Shift Wellness, located in the Union Square area of New York City, encourages you to consider working with a personal trainer. There are so many benefits, and now, in the midst of a global pandemic, there are more reasons than ever to begin a one-on-one fitness program. This post outlines some of the main reasons now could be the best time for you to undertake personal training

Your trainer is part of the team

One of the challenges of hiring a personal trainer has traditionally been the difficulty in finding a professional who is well-matched with you and your goals. At Shift Wellness, we help with that. Our staff already knows you, and we understand your goals and your limitations. Our team of trainers has extensive experience in a variety of specialties to accommodate your needs.

Also, our trainers are part of our team. Since our physical therapists are personal trainers, they are aware of your particular issues. Similarly, all of our providers and team members communicate with each other, and the result is a tailored, outstanding program for you. 

We offer televisits

Right now, you may be living with a completely disrupted schedule because of the global pandemic. Perhaps you’re working full-time from home when you usually go to the office. Maybe you’re helping your children with online school.

You may not feel safe going to the gym at the moment, and that’s completely understandable. You may not even feel safe in coming to our offices, and that’s understandable too. 

However, exercise is still important, and by working with a personal trainer through video appointments, you can continue to advance your health and fitness even during a pandemic. Plus, experts say there are important mental health benefits to exercise, such as improving mood, easing the symptoms of depression, and lowering anxiety.

We focus on what you need

When you attend exercise classes or you use videos to exercise, you get a generic workout, designed to help the majority of people, of which you and your fitness needs may not be a part. You may have excellent cardiovascular fitness, for example, but you need to work on your flexibility to avoid injury. Finding the right class or program can be difficult. 

With a personal trainer, you can specify what you need to work on, and it doesn’t have to be the hard stuff. Our trainers have expertise in several gentler areas: the Feldenkrais method, pilates, and tai chi are all options that work well for people who are recovering from injury or surgery, for example. 

Personal training is exactly what the name says: training designed for you, personally. You won’t do work that was designed for someone else’s fitness, and that’s an enormous benefit in and of itself. 

Learn more

If you’d like to learn more about your options for personal training at Shift Wellness, give us a call at 212-604-1316, or make an appointment online today.

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