Sore After Exercise? Consider NormaTec Recovery

Whether you’re simply working to become fitter, or you’re training for an event, you probably develop sore muscles as part of the process. Part of building stronger muscles involves first tearing your existing muscle fibers down, and that can mean some discomfort. 

At Shift Wellness, you can use our NormaTec recovery system to improve how your body recovers from exercise. Our expert staff guides you regarding how long and how often you should use the system, based on your specific situation and goals. 

Fitness Technology

The NormaTec recovery system is a cutting-edge technology that began as a medical treatment for chronic swelling. The idea is to increase blood flow to the parts of your body that need it in order to speed recovery. 

NormaTec uses pneumatic pulsed compressed air to improve blood flow. It’s somewhat like a massage, and it has some of the same benefits. The pulses both increase blood flow and help waste products like lactic acid leave your muscles.

NormaTec can be used on your legs, hips, or arms. We’ll talk about how they work on your legs, for simplicity’s sake.

If you’ve discussed your training plan and goals with one of our experts and they suggested NormaTec as a good option for you, you can schedule a time when you know you’re going to need to recover. 

You put on a “boot” that covers your foot and your leg up to your thigh. The machine then automatically fits itself exactly to your body. After that, it generates a series of pulses followed by compression, beginning at your foot and working up your leg. 

The pulse and compression

The series of pulses and following compression are not at all random. In fact, they’re carefully calibrated and based on scientific research. The pulses improve your blood flow, which delivers extra nutrients to your healing muscles. The compression pushes fluid out of your legs and helps you feel better. 

Does it really help? 

You may be wondering if NormaTec is just another fad. It’s not. One scientific study used a sham treatment compared to external pneumatic compression — the pulsing and compressing NormaTec uses — and found that participants who received the external pneumatic compression treatment had less pain when pressure was applied to their muscles, and had improved flexibility following their treatments compared to those who received sham treatments. 

NormaTec recovery boots can help reduce swelling and inflammation, prevent the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), ease pain, and improve performance. In other words, this therapy can help you recover more thoroughly and easily after a tough workout.

The best way to find out if NormaTec recovery should become part of your fitness routine is to try it. Schedule an appointment at Shift Wellness today, and let our staff guide you through a NormaTec session appropriate for your exercise goals. 

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