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Shift Wellness is a bright and open healing space that provides an atmosphere of self-care and physical transformation. At Shift, we know that life is unpredictable, and your health is an ever-changing spectrum of wellness. It is not constant, and the way you care for yourself shouldn’t be either.

Begin by listening to your mind, body, and soul and determining how each one feels. Then choose what you want when you want it from a carefully curated menu of treatments and wellness services. Transparent pricing, easy online scheduling, and one-on-one appointments ensure that we meet your individual needs with minimal stress. One day you might feel you need physical therapy to work on a nagging pain; another day, you might want to relax with a deep tissue massage.

Shift Wellness provides curated services that include chiropractic care, personal training, rehabilitation, weight loss, sports medicine, and telehealth. Our team offers exceptional treatments for headaches, chronic pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and gait and balance disorder.

What you do at Shift depends on what you determine you need most. Our highly skilled team of health and wellness practitioners provide genuine care and compassion to ensure that you feel good and achieve your health and wellness goals.

You can set up your appointment by calling our office or booking online. Shift with us, and we’ll shift with you.

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